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December 30, 2023
The Boulevard Palatink (Papula) Park
August 17, 2023

Prunus Landscape Elevates Luxury at MNW Towers: A Landscaping Triumph for 99 Shakha Barza Company

Step into the epitome of luxury at MNW Towers, a prestigious residential and commercial project in Erbil meticulously landscaped by Prunus Landscape for 99 Shakha Barza Company. Mr. Haji Faysal Gardi, a trusted owner of the company, bestowed his confidence in Prunus Landscape, and the result is a harmonious blend of nature and sophistication that defines MNW Towers.

As the mastermind behind all aspects of landscaping for this opulent project, Prunus Landscape transformed MNW Towers into a haven of beauty and tranquility. From lush greenery to exquisite water features, every detail was carefully curated to reflect the high standards of luxury that MNW Towers represents.

Explore the synergy between Prunus Landscape and 99 Shakha Barza Company in our portfolio—a testament to our ability to create captivating outdoor spaces that complement the grandeur of luxury residential and commercial projects. Join us in celebrating the success of MNW Towers, where every corner speaks of elegance and the trust placed in Prunus Landscape by the discerning visionaries behind 99 Shakha Barza Company.