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Prunus Services

"Elevate your outdoor experience with our comprehensive landscaping services. From meticulous garden design to expert lawn care, we bring nature's beauty to your doorstep, creating vibrant and sustainable landscapes."

Prunus Landscape Service

Our services provide numerous environmental, social, emotional and physical benefits. We design, build and manage a diverse portfolio of landscapes, golf courses, resorts and gated communities. We grow and supply horticultural related assets with a core services centered around water, green and sustainability.


"Prunus, a beacon of expertise in the realm of landscaping for over a decade, transforms outdoor spaces into captivating works of art. Our seasoned team of professionals combines creativity with precision, crafting bespoke landscape designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Elevate your surroundings with Prunus, where passion meets proficiency in every leaf, bloom, and stone."


"Prunus stands as a paragon in the realm of landscaping and construction, offering a holistic suite of services that redefine outdoor spaces. From meticulous earthwork to vibrant horticulture, robust hard escapes, enchanting accessories, and cutting-edge outdoor lighting, we weave a tapestry of excellence. Dive into a world of luxury with our expertise in pool design, water features, bespoke sport places, lush green walls, and elevated roof gardens. Prunus, where every detail harmonizes to create outdoor masterpieces that transcend the ordinary."


"Introducing Prunus Plant Nursery – your sanctuary for cultivating the essence of nature in your landscaping. Immerse yourself in a haven where every gardening dream comes to life. Our nursery is a treasure trove, offering a diverse selection of plants to meet all your landscaping needs. From vibrant flowers to lush greenery, we provide the palette for you to paint your outdoor masterpiece. Discover the joy of nurturing life with Prunus, where each plant is carefully tended to ensure it thrives in your garden. Step into our nursery and let the beauty of nature unfold in your hands. Prunus Plant Nursery – where your gardening aspirations take root and blossom."


"At Prunus, our comprehensive landscaping maintenance deck is tailored to preserve the beauty of your outdoor haven. Immerse yourself in lush surroundings with our meticulous lawn care, ensuring a vibrant and healthy carpet of green. Our arborists nurture trees to perfection, while curbs and flower beds bloom with vibrant colors under our dedicated care. Precision is the essence of our maintenance services, extending to irrigation systems, pools, and water features, ensuring they function flawlessly year-round. Embrace worry-free outdoor living with our meticulous maintenance and pest control measures, allowing you to relish your oasis without a hitch. Prunus, where every element is tended to with expertise, ensuring your landscape remains an enduring masterpiece."

Water Systems

"At Prunus, our commitment to excellence extends to water systems, where innovation meets sustainability. Experience precision and efficiency with our state-of-the-art sprinkler irrigation system and drip irrigation solutions, ensuring your landscapes thrive with optimal hydration. Our drainage solutions are tailored to perfection, safeguarding your outdoor spaces from excess water. Elevate environmental responsibility with our advanced water treatment systems, harmonizing the delicate balance between nature and technology. Prunus, where every drop counts towards a flourishing and sustainable outdoor oasis."


"Welcome to Prunus Garden Center, your one-stop destination for all things green and glorious. Immerse yourself in a world where every gardening need finds its place. From top-quality garden tools and outdoor equipment to a comprehensive range of irrigation products, fertilizers, and ag chemicals, we've curated a haven for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Explore our vast selection of seeds, outdoor heating solutions, BBQ essentials, and exquisite garden furniture that harmonizes function with style. Transform your outdoor space with our captivating water fountains, illuminate it with cutting-edge lighting equipment, and add a touch of elegance with our diverse collection of pots and planters. At Prunus, we bring you not just a garden center, but a thriving hub for all your gardening aspirations, where every tool and accessory is carefully chosen to elevate your gardening experience to new heights."