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December 30, 2023
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August 17, 2023

PRUNUS LANDSCAPE Unveils Palatinque Park (Butterfly Park): A Nature Masterpiece

Welcome to Palatink Park, a stunning oasis in Erbil, crafted by PRUNUS LANDSCAPE for our esteemed client, 4BRIDGES. This unique park, nestled opposite the Boulevard Project, is a testament to the seamless collaboration between visionary financing by 4BRIDGES and the expertise of PRUNUS LANDSCAPE's experienced team.

Palatink Park , our newest masterpiece, is a mesmerizing butterfly-inspired haven. 🌿 From meticulous soil work to an advanced irrigation system, and a vibrant array of flowers and trees, every stage of this project reflects our commitment to precision and natural beauty. The result? A breathtaking sanctuary where the beauty of nature is restored with unparalleled expertise. 🦋

In our portfolio, witness the transformation from concept to reality as PRUNUS LANDSCAPE brings Palatink Park to life—a manifestation of our dedication to creating outdoor spaces that captivate and inspire. Explore the unparalleled beauty meticulously curated by our devoted team