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December 30, 2023
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December 30, 2023

Prunus Landscape Transforms Deserts into Oases: The Splendor of Al-Faruq Residency Complex

In the heart of the desert in Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Prunus Landscape undertook an extraordinary project, the Al-Faruq Residency Complex. Trusted by Mr. Osama Omar Al Rawi, CEO of Emaar Al Wasat Construction Company—one of the largest investment and construction firms in Ramadi and the Middle of IRAQ—Prunus Landscape had the privilege of designing and executing the landscaping for this remarkable venture.

Al-Faruq Residency Complex, set against the backdrop of the desert, stands as a testament to Prunus Landscape's ability to turn arid landscapes into lush oases. From the initial concept to the execution of intricate details, we added unparalleled beauty to the project, creating a green haven amidst the sands.

Explore the transformation of deserts into vibrant landscapes in our portfolio—a showcase of how Prunus Landscape, in collaboration with Emaar Al Wasat Construction Company, brings forth the allure of Al-Faruq Residency Complex. Join us in celebrating the harmonious marriage of nature and architecture, where every leaf and bloom reflects the trust placed in us by one of the Middle East's leading construction entities.