Al-Faruq Ramadi
December 30, 2023

Prunus Landscape Creates a Haven for Hope: Global Hope Organization's Oasis in Koya City

In the heart of Koya City, Prunus Landscape had the honor of partnering with the Global Hope Organization to transform its vision into reality. Mrs. Heather Mercer, the esteemed President of this international organization, selected Prunus Landscape for a special landscaping project, entrusting us with the design and execution.

From the drawing board to the realization of intricate hardscaping, Prunus Landscape meticulously designed and implemented every facet of the landscaping for Global Hope Organization. The result is nothing short of spectacular—a breathtaking oasis that mirrors the essence of hope.

Explore the oasis we crafted for Global Hope Organization in our portfolio—a testament to Prunus Landscape's commitment to bringing dreams to life. Join us in celebrating the harmonious fusion of nature and purpose, where every element symbolizes the trust bestowed upon us by Mrs. Heather Mercer and the impactful work of the Global Hope Organization.