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August 16, 2023
Baghi Shaqlawa Real State
August 16, 2023

PRUNUS LANDSCAPE's Global Excellence: Transforming Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum's Khormor Plant Camp

At PRUNUS LANDSCAPE, our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. Proudly partnering with international giants Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum, we were entrusted to enhance their Khormor Plant Camp through our renowned landscaping expertise.

In the heart of this industrial hub, PRUNUS COMPANY's skilled team meticulously crafted a transformative landscape, turning the Khormor Plant Camp into an oasis of natural beauty. Our collaboration with these esteemed international companies underscores the trust they place in our ability to deliver unparalleled landscaping solutions.

Explore the international synergy between PRUNUS LANDSCAPE and Dana Gas alongside Crescent Petroleum in our portfolio—a testament to our ability to elevate outdoor spaces on a global scale, leaving a lasting mark on every project we undertake.