Strip Malls and Shopping Centers
Landscaping to improve the aesthetic appeal of shopping centers has also risen in importance, while the necessity for clear parking lots and clean sidewalks/ walkways remain ever important for property safety.

Chain Stores
Cost control and predictable budgets are an integral part in bringing your landscaping services under Prunus Comapny's centralized management program.
Our sustainable landscaping programs provide cost-effective solutions coupled with the essential landscape maintenance service of mowing grassy areas, blowing to clear leaves and debris and snow and ice removal in the winter.

Lifestyle Centers & Mixed-Usage
Enhance your outdoor environment with shaded seating areas, vibrant plantings, stunning water features, and seasonal displays. Keep walkways and parking lots easy to navigate and safe for customers. Working together, our design, development, and landscape maintenance teams can make this happen, quickly, efficiently and with your budget in mind.

Shopping Malls
Create a shopping experience that attracts visitors and increases the time (and money) spent in department stores, outlets and food courts. Displays and signage are important elements that make up a retailer's image, but before a customer sees these, they will interact with something just as significant, your landscaping.

Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions
We have the expertise, equipment, teams, and the technology to give property managers the data and transparency they need to manage efficiently.