Patient Healing and Recovery
Contribute to patient recovery and help reduce stress for caregivers and hospital staff. Prunus Company’s architects can incorporate green spaces, water features, healing gardens, and walking paths into hospital landscapes to create a calming outdoor environment.
Studies suggest the hospital landscape architecture can accelerate patients’ recovery from surgery and help staff focus on their critical work.

Control Costs
An assessment of your landscaping needs allows us to identify challenges and provide creative landscaping solutions to save you money.
Strategically placed trees protect buildings from the heat reducing the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. Trees also minimize soil erosion and play an overall role in landscape sustainability. Appropriate landscape architecture can also reduce water requirements with drought-tolerant plants and vegetation. Expertly installed and maintained Irrigation systems save money over the long term.

Hospital Landscape Design Creates a Positive Image
A vibrant landscape with common areas generates an uplifting emotional response for staff, patients, and visitors.
Landscaping is an integral part of the institution’s brand image, building a positive image with visitors and the surrounding community.