Schools, Colleges & Universities
Turn your campus landscape into a strategic asset that provides decreased overhead costs and liability, while increasing enrollment, alumni support, campus pride, and cost-efficiencies.

College & University Landscaping Experts
Attract Students & Retain Top Tier Faculty
Most of prospective students say that campus appearance was the most influential factor when deciding where to enroll. Our landscape architects will create ideal outdoor spaces for learning and relaxing. And, our specialized sports turf experts will keep your athletic fields in top condition.

Improve On-Campus Safety & Reduce Liability
Maintaining a safe environment is critical. Keep walkways and parking areas clear of obstructions that might impede visibility for pedestrians or drivers.
Reduce slip and fall risk with landscaping maintenance service covering snow removal, ice removal, and storm debris clearance.

Landscape Maintenance Cost Savings
For both private and state-funded colleges and universities, landscape maintenance programs are an integral part of a balanced budget. As one of the best commercial landscaping company in the country, our purchasing power and investment in specialty equipment, generate cost benefits for you.

Tuition Fees & Alumni Contributions
Attract new students and encourage postgraduates to further their academic careers at your school. Landscapes with outdoor study spaces for study, and gathering spaces to meet friends, is a key part of your culture. Create an on-campus experience they will treasure for a lifetime. Encourage Alumni contributions to preserve the experience for future generations.